The dog days of summer are behind us and we look forward to the fall and winter months right around the corner. I already have the regular guests asking me when the Oktoberfest beers will be coming in. Meanwhile, the top is still down on my Jeep, and Oktoberfest while already in the works, its that last thing I’m thinking about bringing into my walk – in until all my Sours of Summer are gone. Scratch that. Pumpkin beers are the last thing on my mind.

The beer business moves quickly though and that’s the constant headache of which beers to grab, and when. When my reps came in at the beginning of August to try and sell me some pumpkin beers I knew fall is on its way…and frankly some breweries might be jumping the gun. Dunkin Donuts is already brewing pumpkin coffee. I KNOW! RIGHT?!? All in due time kids…I’m not saying I despise pumpkin beers, all I’m saying, while the sun and grills are still hot, let’s chill out on the cinnamon and nutmeg for a month.

So, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, what’s going on here at The Old Bay? Well, even though I’m sure Oktoberfest will be here before you can say “Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft”!
We’ve got some partying of our own to do before that happens. With Fat Tuesday only about six months away it’s time for our Halfway to Mardi Gras Party! Beads, tunes, food, it’s all a part of what we do here. I’ve asked our friends at Magic Hat to throw us some giveaways and such so stay tuned for that. The ON7 band will be kicking off the party at 9pm on the Tuesday after Labor Day; Sept. 6th to be exact.

I’ve also got a tap takeover with Ithaca Brewing Co. in the works for Sept. 21st. They really make some awesome brews. Flower Power anyone? So while I’m sitting here I decided to find out a little bit more about their tap room. It kind of sounds amazing; they have food! Not just your ordinary food truck or snack foods. They specialize in farm to table eats; which I never would’ve expected after searching Google. They opened their doors in 1998, and have been cranking out some gems for all of to enjoy ever since. So we’re gonna have some great beer from them and hopefully a couple of special ones you can’t get around here.

So, while the sun maybe setting on our Summer here, and the pumpkins are dying to be tapped. Come out for the Halfway to Mardi Party for a helluva night, and then come and taste some great beers from Ithaca, because it’s an absolutely gorgeous day. Warm sun, beautiful women, and the air is just right for drinking.

Until next time, cheers to great beer!