WOW! That was one sweltering July! Hopefully everyone got a little time away for the hustle and bustle, tried some new beers or breweries on their adventures. We’ve got a lot going on here at The Old Bay this Month. Our Shellfish Festival kicks off on August 5th and that’s always one of my favorite festivals. Lobster…crabs…great beer. It really doesn’t get much better.

Speaking of great beer, we also have our Sours of Summer event on August 17th. I still can’t quite wrap my taste buds around sour beers. I’m getting there, but it’s taking a little while. It really is a niche market of beer lovers that can dig in on some mouth puckering flavors. So while I’ll still have some of the OG sours on tap, I’ve also delved into some local breweries who do fun and exciting things with sours.

From one of my favorite breweries in Jersey, we’re serving up another helping of Carton’s Monkey Chased the Weasel. It’s actually made from the real mulberries that grow around the brewery, which I think is pretty cool. It’s got a nice flavor and eases you into the sour realm. Now, some of you, including them may chastise me for this, but I think MCTW is a much better sour than some of their other sour offerings. Intermezzo…if you’ve had it, it smells like a foot to me. Now yes, some of you will say, that’s how it’s supposed to taste, and maybe you love it. Not this guy!

Another fun beer we’re bringing in is Bolero Snorts Bomb Pop Berliner. Which just sounds fun; Reminiscent of those old school popsicles that scream America while your riding your BMX down your street before helmets were invented. Bolero has been having a lot of fun with their beer lately. I think they’re having fun, either that, or they’ve all gone completely mad. They’ve had a Creamsicle Pale Ale, and they recently released an Ecto Cooler Session IPA which has a really good flavor to it…but…it’s not green. Bummer, I know!

I’ve also got a couple of reserve barrels from Goose Island out of Chicago. Which were very had to come by and I had to sell my soul to the devil to get them. The sour event is starting to take shape with a couple of other goodies coming in the next week or so. So if you love sours, or if you want to try to get into them, I hope to see you here.

Until next month, cheers to great…sour beer!