There’s so much I want to talk to you guys about this upcoming month. There’s so much going on here at The Old Bay as we prepare to go into the summer months. So, if you’ve been reading my little spiel here monthly then you know, I always try to talk about a brewery or a style of beer. This blog is going to  cover a lot of information about the upcoming special events I have planned for The Old bay and its fans.  So let’s get to it!

Now, this first little piece of information won’t actually take place until June but I figured we might as well let the cat out of the bag early. We’re looking into doing some NJ Brewery Tours right here at The Old Bay. We’re calling it The Kegs & Eggs Tour and what we’re gonna do is load up a party bus, bring a keg, go to a brewery, take a more “behind the scenes” tour, drink their beer, and come back! Where do the eggs come in? Well true believers, included in your ticket price will be breakfast buffet right here during our Jazz Brunch for the month. So, we’re gonna feed you, bring you on a delicious beer trip, and then bring it all back home. We’re still in the planning process, but it’s going to be an AWESOME time, and I can’t wait to check out some breweries I haven’t been to yet. So stay tuned for that because space is limited.

Now as far as May goes, one of our bigger style tap takeovers is right around the corner. It’s time again to open up the tap lines and pour some fresh and hopped up IPAs! YAY! IPA Alley is slated for the middle of May and I’ve got some gems coming in for it. Everyone thought the trend of the IPA wouldn’t last, but you have more and more breweries hop bombing the bajezus out of their beers. Sure, some people don’t like ‘em, and that’s fine, but don’t you rain on my IPArade!  For those of you who don’t know what IPA stands for, (Some people actually don’t), it stands for India Pale Ale. It gets it’s name from British descent as a means to ship beer to India. They would take their traditional Pale Ales and Hop them um for the trip to India so the beer wouldn’t go bad. Smart thinking those Brits; between that and Elizabeth Hurly, these guys were onto something.

Some of the goodies I’ve got on hold for the event are Heavy Seas/Maine Beer Co. “Partner Ships”, (That’s a co-lab I’m really looking forward to tasting), some fun stuff from Ballast Point, (because honestly, if beer was a woman, it’d be a Ballast Point), and a few other gems, as well as the stuff that’ll be coming in for the event.

May just also so happens to be our Anniversary, and there’s no better way to celebrate it with Old Bay Food & Music Fest. I’ve actually been hanging onto a few goodies for this as well….How’s about a couple of Imperial Stouts that didn’t make it on tap for our Stout City event (So you know they have to be awesome), and a big ol’ keg of Nugget Nectar from Troegs. So I hope to see you guys here for that one as well. There’s so much going on!

Until I see you again. Cheers to good Beer!
(I used way too many parentheses in this one…)