Tap Room

Hey beer lovers. Just another installment of my monthly dose of awesomeness; I’m writing this entry just a few days away from AC Beer & Music Festival which I will be attending on Saturday. Hopefully you got to stop in for our Brewery Night with the guys and gals from Demented this month. So, speaking of AC Beerfest, I’m sure I’ll get a chance to talk shop with a lot of local breweries and some of the bigger guys about doing some fun events here at Old Bay.

Cocktail Bar

We’ve really been working hard here at Old Bay to change our look. You have to stop in and see it to believe it. Our newly revamped lower bar now feels more like a great tap room than ever before, complete with an arcade cabinet with 60 classic arcade games. Our upstairs bar got a little sexified and now feels more like a posh cocktail bar. You have to really come see the new face of Old Bay to believe it…and yes. I said Posh. She was everyone’s favorite Spice Girl.

Just a few things that we have coming up here. At the end of the month we have our Neshaminy Creek Brewery Night on April 26th. I’ve already grabbed some really good rarities from them for the event. I’ll also be on the look out for some serious IPAs towards the end of the month as the weather warms up and all those hops are so fresh and so clean. IPA Alley is just a stone’s throw away so stay tuned for that as well.

Brewery Nights Featuring Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.

Also, before you even know it, its going to be May, and that will mark our 30th Anniversary as one of the leading Craft Beer bars in New Jersey. So I’ll be sure to

have some ridiculous beer on hand for that event. So save the date, May 28th for Old Bay’s Food and Music Fest. We may have to close down the street for this one!

So, what beer or brewery would you like to see here at Old Bay in the future? Leave your comments below. I’ve also got an event coming up with our great friends at Carton, and I’m sure I’ll do a little sumpin’ sumpin’ with our friends at Bolero Snort, wherever they’re brewing their beer this month. GET A BREWERY ALREADY FELLAS!!!!

I’m also thinking of doing another Kegs & Eggs Brew Tour once the weather breaks. It’s been a little ridiculous, even by the standards of Jersey weather. So stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter, and even Instagram for all upcoming special events and tappings; and until then…

Cheers to Great Beer!